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We couldn't go out because of the heavy rain. Did he say anything? He has been in Japan for two years. He is a teacher of English. I'll show you around the city. Are they in school? The sun was shining brightly. She advised him to get more exercise. He made a resolution to write in his diary every day. Can we have a menu please.
Punk Goes Crunk: - He's accustomed to mountain climbing.
- Thanks for coming over tonight.
- He is very depressed.
- They adopted the orphan.
- How long will it take?
- He told me about it in private.
- She's never fallen in love.
- It is wrong to tell a lie.
- Bob will be home at six.
- I feel better today.
I'll play a sonata for you. Rome wasn't built in a day. Would you like to go have a drink? How far is it to Chicago? She threw him out. I am able to read English. This car needs washing. She advised him to read those books. When will they give a concert? I shouldn't have to do all this work by myself.

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